My name is Alan Gibworth and I'm a photographer based in Manchester. On this site you will find my cycling portfolio.


My photography experience got off to an inauspicious start when my mum packed me off on a school trip with her point and shoot film camera. Unfortunately I returned without any photos, pointing out that there was no battery in the camera and leaving it to my mum to clarify that you could take pictures without electricity. My success continued when I purchased an SLR at university and didn’t realise that there was a release button to press when rewinding the film, resulting in a snapped roll and burnt out photos.

Fortunately my knowledge improved over the years, progressing through a variety of compact digital cameras with increasingly large zooms, until I made the leap to a DSLR in 2017. Initially my work was focused around cycling, taking images whilst out on my bike and going along to races trying to capture what makes the cycling scene tick. Discovering that my love for cycling had an inverse relationship to my love for photography, I found that my commute to work began increasing exponentially as I spent more and more time photographing the local wildlife along the way. 

This was soon accompanied by photography trips out into the hills with a mate, getting up at ungodly hours to capture the sunrise or fighting the evening midges as the sun set. Before I knew it I was taking time off work to follow tips on where to find kingfishers and to visit local nature reserves, trying to concentrate on taking as many photos as possible to distract myself from buying even more camera equipment.

In Autumn 2018 I caved in to peer pressure and started Gibworth Photography, selling prints through local markets and online. When this gradually ate up my free time I decided to scale the business back as, although it was great to sell my work, I no longer had the time to dedicate to my photography. Now I am back photographing things for the joy of it and you can find a selection of my work here and on social media.